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Welcome to Boys To Men Chicago© - Mentoring Teenage Boys

We are more than just a mentoring program for Chicago's teenage boys.

Boys to Men Mentoring Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation created to guide teenage boys, age 13 to 17 through their passage to manhood.

Our mission is to help every boy in the world become a better man.

We bring good men, Mentors and role models into teenage boy’s lives.

We provide boys with mentoring and modeling so that they learn integrity, accountability, compassion and respect.

We help teenage boys develop responsibility and guide them toward healthy manhood.

Do you want a better future for your son?

Why There's A Need

Our program helps teenage boys, ages 13 to 17 to begin to develop....

High Self Esteem
• Self Confidence
• Self Awareness
• A vision of what type of man they wish to become


What would your life be like today if you had started your personal growth work as a teenager?

Today, parents have a tough time ensuring that their sons find positive influences outside of the house. We help by providing an environment where boys can discover those positive qualities about themselves to help them envision and create a path towards vital and positive manhood.

Every boy wants to be a good man.

And everyday he is faced with choices he may have to live with for the rest of his life.

How might your life have been different if you had...

  • Someone you could confide in.
  • An adult who cared about you.
  • A Mentor who could help you make the right choices.
  • A Mentor who accepted you exactly the way you were.

Our program gives each boy a chance to decide what kind of man he wants to be.

We give boys hope, support and guidance. We help them become good men.

Our program has 3 components:

Imagine Boy Scouts©, Big Brothers©, and Outward Bound© combined. We provide a complete program with community (Boy Scouts), mentoring (BigBrothers), and a Rite of Passage adventure (Outward Bound) that serves both boys and men.

  1. Reclaim Your Teenage Fire Training –This experiential training gives men a new perspective on mentoring boys.
  2. Rites of Passage Adventure Weekend(RoPAW)–This is a powerful weekend for both boys and men. It is a bonding experience that creates trust, respect and builds close connections between boys and their Mentors.
  3. Ongoing Group Mentoring –Journeymen (RoPAW graduates) and their Mentors meet every two weeks to continue strengthening the bonds they formed during the RoPAW.

Our boys and Mentors spend more time together on this weekend than a typical mentor program provides in six months.

What We Are About

We . . .

  • Build self esteem
  • Provide a unique and safe place where boys can interact with committed, conscientious men
  • Encourage boys to be men of honor. To seek and speak the truth.
  • Help boys discover and develop their individual strengths, talents and gifts.
  • Mentor positive male role models
  • Challenge boys to live lives of responsible action and make a meaningful impact in the world
  • Teach boys how to resolve conflicts and ask for forgiveness.
  • Support boy's dreams to find a personal mission
  • Praise the greatness in each boy.
  • Give our boys hope, confidence and courage.

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Father and Son Weekend

Father and Son Weekend

Our Vision

Our vision is communities of men who teach, support, mentor and encourage boys to become compassionate, accountable men.Boys To Men

Listen, Accept & Admire

Listen, Accept and Admire... that is our responsibility.Boys To Men

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Remarkable Success

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0ur goal is to create a model program that can be replicated on a community level to help young men throughout the world.

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From the beginning we were seeing some incredible, positive changes in the boys...

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